Business concept
Cooperation outweighs competition

Core value
Cooperation: cooperate with true heart, share with others, equal and mutual benefiting, common growth.
Open: keep an open mind, be compatible, aware of diversified cultures, respect each other, learn and communicate.

Responsibility: honest and reliable, faithful and good occupational ethics, respect rules and brave to take responsibility.

Innovation: keen to innovation, embrace changes, strive for progress, passionate, work hard to realize personal value.

Lean: efficient and practical, fast to respond, performance oriented, constantly make improvement in process and details, pursue perfection.


Create infinite possibilities for building traffic.

Development vision

Devote to bui
ld century-old brand of XIZI.
Become a world-class elevator enterprise.

Four footstones
"Safety" is a centrally immutable criterion in the elevator industry. As a new generation leading enterprise of the industry, Xizi is always implementing this criterion. Be responsible for quality safety, be responsible for life safety and be responsible for environmental safety. The company proposes integrity, transparency, fairness and faith, treating employees, customers and partners with topmost level of commercial morality. We are committed to build Xizi as a harmonious extended family. We believe that there will be a road leads to remarkable achievement in light of our persistent pursuit of product, service, management and efficiency.

Safety – the basis of development

Service – the source of achievement

Quality – the root of contribution

Morality – the foundation of business

That is the valuable wealth for XIZI to last for over a hundred years, also a unvarying spiritual source for keeping moving from success to greatness.

Growth strategy
Over the years, XIZI formed development patterns of distinctive features, with human thought as the principal axis, adhering to the criterion of customer-requirement oriented. Depending on innovations on technology research and development as well as improvement in management mechanism, XIZI finally archived the biggest dream “international XIZI, long lasting XIZI”.

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